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Get High-Tensile Metal Roof and Siding Panels.
Starting at $1.75 per sq ft this 2024 👇

Every day you spend searching for the right roofing and siding materials is another day of stress.

Low-quality panels, unreliable delivery, and subpar accessories can turn your project into a nightmare.

Each inferior option feels like a compromise, making you question when you’ll find a supplier you can trust.

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Your Project Deserves Better in 2024

Start your project with confidence, knowing you have the best materials for the job.

That’s the peace of mind Maguire Metals offers.

Our solutions, starting at competitive prices, give you the best value:

  • Landon Exposed Fastener Panels:
    • Available in all colours, including copper, these panels are built to last and are easy to install.
  • Board-and-Batten Vertical Steel Siding:
    • Tough, low-maintenance, and perfect for Canada’s harsh weather, this siding keeps its good looks for years.
  • Hidden Fastener Profiles:
    • Our Mechanical Lock Standing Seam panels provide a sleek, seamless look with no exposed fasteners.
  • Complete Accessory Range:
    • We offer everything you need for a complete system, including drip edge, wall flashings, CT4, screws, pipe boots, zipper boots, ridge foam, and caulking.
  • Fast Delivery:
    • Get your materials quickly. It takes just 1 to 3 work days for standard-size orders and 7 work days on average for large-sized orders.
  • No Minimum Order:
    • We’ve got you covered, no matter how much you need.
    • We’ll make sure you have exactly what you need for your project.
    • You can call us anytime for an update on your order.

The Maguire Way - Our Promise for Your Project Success

  1. Quality Steel Selection:
    • We form our panels from the highest quality steel, available in a variety of colours and finishes, including matte.
  2. Precise Panel Forming:
    • Our machines form each panel with pinpoint accuracy, perfectly fitting your measurements.
  3. Expert Help:
    • Our specialists have over 10 years of experience in the industry.
    • They will help you with all the choices we offer for your metal roofing and siding project.
  4. Easy to Install:
    • Our panels are durable and easy to install on your roof or walls.

Stop Stressing About Your Project

You can stick with your current supplier, keep worrying about finding the right supplies, and deal with poor quality…

Or you can choose Maguire Metals and feel confident knowing you’re using high-quality metal roofing and siding solutions.

Never second-guess your choice.

Your project will move forward smoothly, with panels and accessories that fit perfectly and install easily.

Your home will look great and perform well year after year, with fire, hail, and wind resistance and a 50-year warranty on the paint finish.

Why let the stress and uncertainty of material selection wear you down?

Join the many happy homeowners and builders who have found success with our supplies.

In our 2024 catalog, you’ll find:

  • Our best prices on panels and accessories
  • All the colors and finishes we have for panels
  • The different panel styles, including Landon, Board-and-Batten, and Mechanical Lock Standing Seam
  • Our complete range of accessories for a seamless installation

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